What a contrast between Pelosi & Trump today ...
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What a contrast between Pelosi & Trump today ...

Pelosi seems all giddy and all that - naming "impeachment managers" ...

At same time, Trump held China Phase 1 deal signing ceremony - went over some of the details: 
   - China to buy additional $200B/year worth of US product within 2 years.  It will be combination of farm products, banking, energy & few other things.
   - Rules set in place for china not to devalue their currency to gain advantage
   - More IP protections and more protections from forced ownership etc
And bunch of other things.  And you could tell by level of details he gets into, and he had iconic US companies reps in audience (those who worked to form the deal).  

It seems to me a decent if not big win for American people.  Someone is getting stuff done .. while crazy Nancy is running around with impeachment whatever.
It is what it is.
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The agreement, which was first reported on Dec. 12, includes commitments from Beijing to halt intellectual property theft, refrain from currency manipulation, cooperate in financial services and purchase more than $200 billion of U.S. products over the next two years.

The purchases will include up to $50 billion of U.S. agriculture, according to Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, $40 billion of which has been confirmed by Chinese sources. China will also buy $40 billion in services, $50 billion in energy and $75 billion to $80 billion worth of manufacturing, the sources said.

In return, the U.S. will reduce tariffs on some products made in China, but keep duties the White House has imposed on $375 billion worth of merchandise. Following the phase-one signing, $250 billion of Chinese imports will still be subject to a 25 percent tariff and $125 billion of Chinese goods will be under a 7.5 percent levy.

"These tariffs will stay in place until there is a phase two," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told FOX Business' Lou Dobbs. "If the president gets a phase two quickly, he'll consider releasing tariffs as part of phase two. If not, there won't be any tariff relief. It has nothing to do with the election or anything else. There's no secret
It is what it is.
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Next up USMCA Senate vote ... (house already passed it)
It is what it is.
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