What? FBI started bogus investigation of Trump as Russian Asset ...
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What?  FBI started bogus investigation of Trump as Russian Asset ... after Comey got fired.

I'm thinking this will BLOW up anything Mueller brings.  Did he know about this?  What evidence FBI  - at that point FBI #2 guy who was fired from FBI by the FBI for lying during investigation.

More and more details are coming out - I'm guessing this is when Assistant AG Rosensien tried to wear wire to get trump.

So let get this straight:

#1.  FBI had around 4 spy/asset within Trump campaign.  FBI more or less admitted it - the dispute is whether to call them "spy" or human asset.  Keep in mind FBI hid this info until Republicans in congress figured this out.

#2.  After over year of investigaing Trump campaign with spies - Peter S - lead investigator's text reveal he is saying "there is no there there" but he still wants to get into Mueller's team.  So at that point they had ZERO evidence.

#3.  Comey told Trump 2 or 3 times that he is not under investigation.  Comey testified the same in front of congress.  So upto that point they had ZERO evidence against Trump

Then Comey gets fired, and his buddy Andy open an investigation stating Trump could be working for Russia?

There better be a 2nd Indepdent Counsel to investigate this - otherwise, if they go after Trump with impeachment - there will be a civil war in this country.   FBI attempted a soft coup - and there is 50 differnt smoke pointing to this.  They need bring all these crooks in front of grand jury and have them testify under oath.

I'm suspecting that's why Rosenstien just announced he'll resign in few weeks.  

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