Tulsi Checks Democraps Again
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(01-12-2019, 02:47 PM)apollo04 Wrote:  
(01-12-2019, 02:10 PM)Dr_Pitbull Wrote:  Shes an interesting candidate and I like her when I compare her to other Democrats.  I am curious to hear what she has to say.  I doubt she goes the anti-Trump, racism platform of others and that is good
As far as her meeting with Assad, why is that so bothersome?

 Not informing WH or govt - possible violation of logan act - you got to be an a**hole  to do this stuff - only other a**hole move like that was by John Kerry recently. She claimed the people opposing Assad's are terrorist.

I've simple question for her:  Does she beleive Assad gas-ed/slaughtered people EVER - or not?  

I would be also very curious to know her views on other dicators like Castro, Iran's muallahs and so forth.  


Her views on dictators? She called your idol the bitch of one of those countries for having put money above the life of an American that country had cut up in their embassy with a bone saw. Is that clear enough for you?

She was under no obligation to say anything to anyone about going to Syria. She walked the streets talking to the people before she even went to speak to Assad. The only people who have a problem with her having gone to find out the real climate of the citizenry in Syria with regard to Assad and to find out his version of events out of his own mouth when evidence pointed away from the MSM/US government's story and when neither even bothered with an investigation before violating the War Powers Act and launching an attack against them are warmongers and banksters whose heads are fully up the MIC's chute.

Do you count yourself among that group that doesn't need evidence of anything to violate US law and attack other countries? Is that why you've such a problem with her seeking the story outside MSM for herself? Would you have run to this presidential permission track if it had been Obama sitting in the White House? In fact where were you when Mitch the Bitch brought Netanyahu over here to address Congress without saying a word to Obama? I can't recall your ire after that at all - where was your insubordination thing then?
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