The other Celtics guard who got away: 'A night before free agency, I was a Knick'
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The other Celtics guard who got away: 'A night before free agency, I was a Knick'
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The Knicks whiffed on a Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving duo, watching the All-Stars head across town to Brooklyn in free agency. Turns out they even got Irving’s backup with the Celtics snatched out from under them, too.

After thinking they had Terry Rozier on a one-year deal, the Knicks saw the point guard change his mind at the last minute.
“A night before free agency, I was a Knick,” Rozier told Bleacher Report, saying he actually dreamed of what it would be like to play in the Garden. But then Phoenix came in with a “bigger, better” offer that Rozier was leaning toward accepting.

Eventually Hornets owner Michael Jordan personally intervened and brought Rozier to Charlotte as part of a much bigger game of musical chairs. Irving joined Durant in coming to Brooklyn, while Rozier went to the Hornets as part of a sign-and-trade that netted him a stunning three-year, $58 million contract. All-Star Kemba Walker ended up in Boston.
Rozier also discussed Irving in the report, dismissing claims that he didn’t get along with the Nets’ new guard. He even called Irving a “great dude” and labeled himself a fan of Brooklyn’s new All-Star.
Apparently Rozier had been playing pickup with Irving and Marcus Smart a couple days before the trade that sent Irving from Cleveland to Boston.
“Who knew that Kyrie, two days later, would be on our team? It kind of hit me out of nowhere,” said Rozier, adding that he tried to annex parts of the star’s game.

“I’m going to sit right here and have the best seat in the house, and I’m going to watch him do his thing. And I was a fan like that,” said Rozier, adding, “It was just like, ‘Oh, let me see what I could take from his game and see the type of person, see how wired he is.’”

Rozier said he texted Irving right at the start of free agency, before he ended up in Charlotte and the latter got a four-year, $141 million max deal to come to Brooklyn.
“A lot of people don’t know how great of a person he is,” Rozier said. “A lot of people think I hate Kyrie. And a lot of people think that me and Kyrie not cool, but we text, and I text him right before free agency. I sent him the eyes, and he sent the eyes right back, basically like you know what it’s going to be.”
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The other Celtics guard who got away: 'A night before free agency, I was a Knick'
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Wow, we dodged a bullet. I wonder how DSJ and Frank feel about the Knicks heavily looking elsewhere for a PG? And not good ones at that.

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