Miami Dolphins: C+
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RE: Miami Dolphins: C+
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(03-24-2019, 05:13 PM)Taylortogetya Wrote:  
(03-24-2019, 02:23 PM)thegreathoo Wrote:  KD said NOBODY is untouchable!  What part of "nobody" don't you understand?  That includes Tunsil, and Minkah, and Drake.   They can all go, for picks.

Second, you want a rebuild?  Or you want them to fk around?

Dude Rebuilding doesn't mean you scrap every player numb nuts, MFitz and Tunsil are guys you build around, less you have to draft.....seriously you need to stick to AAF football bro, leave this NFL talk to us cause you clearly get your rocks off watching garbage players in that league then pre ten to know shit about the NFL.....only problem is we aren't fooled 

You have to pay them top bucks and they are not top bucks players!!   The GM is scrapping the team to be able to have money to pay those guys, and those guys are not elite, and it's questionable whether they are even key cogs, because teams win without elite tackles!
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RE: Miami Dolphins: C+
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Mmmmmk ......whatever you say boss
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