March 14th School Walkout
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(03-14-2018, 10:11 AM)apollo04 Wrote:  
(03-14-2018, 01:51 AM)PITTDolfan13 Wrote:  Good for them. Enough is enough. I was going into middle school when Columbine happened and it brought attention to me then. I could only imagine kids today. I don’t want my three young ones worrying about school violence as much as I do. Sandy Hook was the reality check when it happened.

These kids who are 15 are going to be voting next term. This will make a HUGE swing regardless if you want to believe it or not. The NRA and their power is going away sooner than later. Republicans should be worried about the up and coming voters...Not only do most think Trump is a joke but the Republican Party in general for continuously supporting and taking big money from the NRA and for have supported Donald Duck Trump...

Laugh now but let’s see what happened in a few years you narcissistic dumbasses...

typical libtard ... all about getting votes - you sick puppy - you want 15 years old, who barely knows much about life - to go out and push dem agenda & all is good because they'll vote dems in few years.

This clown is worse than Etrius ....  full of hate and bitterness.   But good thing is ... he'll wake up everyday - knowing Trump is his POTUS for next 3 years  - priceless!

LMFAO truth
I contain unprepared crude & raw humor

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