Knick Players going to School!
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Wink  Knick Players going to School!
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After last nights 122 point give away, Mills and Perry are sending the Knick players to School. Mills and Perry gave the players a written test and 99% of the players didn't know what the words "play defense" meant! Some players thought it meant "get out of the way" Some players thought it meant "it's a foul to contest a shot" Others thought it meant "wave to the player as he drives for a layup" Some players thought "play defense" was a board Game. Others thought it was a Internet Game. One player that knew the meaning of the word "Defense" didn't think it was in his contract and the other one wanted extra pay! But once Durant gives up his Championship seasons and playoffs to come here, we won't have to play defense as Durant averages 55 points a game and breaks Chamberlin's all time record!   

Game 7 of the Championship series Against the Lakers with Wilt! 

 Red: You know my mama wanted me to be a Coach.

 Willis: My dad wanted me to be a basketball player.

 Red: Well you're better than any player I ever had. And you're the best God damn player I ever saw. Suit up.

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