Interesting thought on Mosley and Williamson
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Someone posted on facebook that we should get rid of both of them. Based on how our D has played, surprisingly enough, I'm inclined to agree. At the very least, we won't need BOTH. Does anyone know what kind of hit we'd take to get rid of either guy? What do you guys think about this? How much(if any) cap space would we save?
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Where they are in their contract and the type of injury they have matters. I would say Williamson, going into his 3rd year would be easier to let go of financially. Not a cap guy, but it may even save us some money on the cap to let him go. Also, I think his kind of injury is probably more difficult to come back from.

CJ is obviously a better player and going into his second year we would take a massive hit to get rid of him. I keep CJ.

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