First charges filed by Mueller
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(11-14-2017, 06:13 PM)apollo04 Wrote:  
(11-14-2017, 03:28 PM)HerrinSchadenfreude Wrote:  This wasn't a serious post if you started it with asking if I'm ready to face reality. You're like the politics version of the Dolphins homer we have on our game threads, except it's with Trump. DO you actually think you're based in reality with the stuff you post on him?

Love the spin on what everyone learned about what the DNC and $hillary did. Ya he had zero chance. Because the bitch BOUGHT the DNC.

All I heard from you Bernie blowers how Bernie will win ny & ca.  Not even close.
Bernie never was a serious candidate - sooner you wake up to reality - better for you.

Bernie took zero hard interview - always ran toward friendly media, just lecturing meaningless stuff.  

If someone hit him hard with his college bankruptcy scandal, going to Russia of all places for honeymoon and his radical, nutty view - he would have gotten crushed

It's amazing. You've turned being mildly retarded into some sort of weird ass superpower. I dub thee Captain Cognitive Dissonance. Please don't ever speak on what Clinton's shitty little camp is doing to Trump again, because I asked you days ago when you realized Clinton was dirty and all you've done since is qualify yourself as a fool.

Everyone knows why Sanders didn't win NY and CA. As well as Nevada, Arizona, and states where he thoroughly beat the shit out of $hillary and yet she walked away with the electoral votes. You remember the Electoral College don't you, since you bray about it to others so much while defending Trump's victory. Ya - when you get your ass kicked in the state the electoral votes should go with the people's choice. Not the chick they wipe their asses with. Didn't happen that way though. Sorry but now we have the paperwork and the testimony. Auntie Em's not here Dorothy - if you were trying to get somewhere where Clinton was clean in the primary yet dirty in the general you better get back to clicking your heels.
If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses.

- William Blum

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