Fins Chatter 2018 - Signup & Commish
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(Today, 02:15 AM)PITTDolfan13 Wrote:  
(Yesterday, 04:34 PM)fetznjtown Wrote:  Yeah, like I said, you guys can do what you want.....But personally, I’m not dealing with this all FF season long. I’d rather opt out.

Then officially opt out already... Just sayin...

Let’s move on to a more competent person. Someone who isn’t so biased/emotional.... Ok?

Holy Fuck the world might explode...

Abbey is calling someone else too emotional?

Abbey, you are more emotional than a 12-year-old girl getting her first period...

Dude, go get in front of a mirror.
I might not change the world, but I sure won't ever let it change me. P.S.
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Wait Looney toons is back arnt you banned?

Ohh well soon enough I'm sure

"ENJOY YOUR PRACTICE SQUAD PAYCHECK"  - Our beloved QB Ryan Tannehill directed at his teammates, Oct 2015. 

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