Epstien Dead!!!!
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(08-16-2019, 09:21 PM)Taylortogetya Wrote:  Pfffft “Progressive”, that’s just a fancy word nowadays for people to back their agendas

You’re a socialist plain and simple.....errrr, or is it communist?? Lol

I’d like to have a beer with you, trade stories and laugh....then bust you in the lip for the hell of it

Progressive mostly means the same thing it did when the name came out in the late 1800s. It was a way to say you were a communist without saying the word that people knew. The only real difference between the progressive era politicians and today's politicians is at least the progressive era included nationalism. Now the progressives think your country is scum and they should destroy it by adopting communism and then letting everyone in from everywhere.

There are two possible reasons for this. First, they too stupid to understand basic supply and demand and that you can not sustain a bigger population than your resources allow. Second, they want to drastically thin the world population and this can be an effective way to do that. Although, there are more effective ways it wouldn't be palatable to emotional saps with no brain. In most cases it is clearly the first. Those who think it can be a form of population control are thinking on a much larger scale then the US including the population declines in 3rd world hell holes when they stop getting billions in US aide to feed their starving people. The collapse of the US would lead to massive starvation globally and enough war to allow them to think the population back to the level they want without much resistance from the sheeple in Europe.
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(08-16-2019, 10:41 PM)Etrius24 Wrote:  If you plan on busting my lip... You better start eating more hot dogs... Or train with Nate (O;


Pfffft why???

Train with Nate?? Why would I need to do that to get the drop on a cat like you? Lol

Like i said, all about that fire inside, I’m betting my fire inside burns a hell of a lot hotter than yours, now that’s a fact!!!!!
I contain unprepared crude & raw humor

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No man progressivism goes back to the industrial revolution and the enlightenment. The idea that we can improve society collectively making it more civilised.

More specifically progressives promote public policies that they believe will lead to positive social change.

Education, healthcare, these are the pillars of progressivism. Believing that a healthy and educated populace benefits everyone.
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