Does next couple years have greatest QB potential EVER?
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Of course some of these guys won't pan out as major prospects, and some aren't rated there now, and of course to the contrary some will ruse that aren't included yet.  Still, seems like quite a group of potentially highly rated prospects, I don't remember so many at one time, regardless of the top end of the spectrum.  And I'm not even saying the BEST TOP prospects (although Tua and Lawrenace are HUGE top prospects), but mostly talking the largest group of potentially very high rated (roughly 1st round caliber) prospects.  As in very deep high end prospects.

-Trevor Lawrence
-Nathan Stanley
-Justin Herbert
-Jake Fromm
-Jacob Eason
-Justin Fields (not Mr.)
-Kelly Bryant

-KJ Costello
-Joe Burrow (if he continues to have a monster season)
-Steven Montez
-Jordan Love
-JT Daniels
-Sam Ehlinger

The last group is a little bit more of a 2nd tier with potential, and has been talk about nearly all as potential first round talent (some talk about JT Daniels as a potential #1 overall pick at some point).

I don't necessarily see Jalen Hurts as a big prospect, but under the tutelage of Lincoln Riley, and his seemingly monster season, who knows?  I wouldn't at all be surprised if he turned into a top prospet.

I also haven't necessarily heard about Fields and Bryant being a 1st round pick, but I just assumed with their talent, dominance and how big of a prospect they started as that they could rise into that territory as well.
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Lawrence is in his own bracket and then I would say Tua and Fromm (for me) are legit top 3 picks overall prospects

E- when you were yapping about Lawrence place as a prospect way before the rest of the country saw him in NC and jumped on his bandwagon I was the only on one here that didn't tell you that you were crazy you had him better than Tua......I just hated that hair lol
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He is a goofy looking mother fucker there is no question about that. His size is deceiving though... He is really tall... He will continue to fill out and his head will look like it belongs on his shoulders...

Hopefully he gets a haircut...LOL
I might not change the world, but I sure won't ever let it change me. P.S.

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