Broner Maidana Was Sooooo Perfect
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Sorry if you like flashy highly immature loudmouthed overrated fighters who are highly unoriginal and haven't fought anybody (on purpose), but that pompous fucker Adrian Broner is such a fucking asshat. On the other hand I love Maidana, cause he's just so workman about his thing - no ego, knock someone out or get knocked out. Just a humble warrior type.

And after Broner talked all that shit to Paulie after their fight about leaving with his belt and his woman? I just wanted him beat into a coma. Just annihilated and exposed. And Maidana came through big time. Beat the ever loving shit out of that poser and even dry humped him to get back at him for doing it to Maidana earlier. Crowd roared for Maidana.

I've never even seen Floyd be that big a heel. Probably because Floyd mellowed out, but he allo fought the best. He's the real deal. Broner is trying to be him. And he can't.

I even went to his Twitter and clowned his ass. Got a bunch of retweets too, but nothing was better than this pic that was tweeted :

[Image: adrien-bronner-lost1.jpg]

The dood added that it looked like Broner was trying to tag in Mayweather. Hilarious! Only thing funnier was watching Paulie Malanggi on the mic trying not to laugh his ass off all fight.

It's replaying on showtime this week still. And the undercard fights were cool too. You all should check it out.
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Cool. Will check it out
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