Anyone been to Cleveland..
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Buddy of mine wants to do a road trip and this year's schedule has the stars aligned in that the browns game is columbus day weekend so we wont have to worry that our sons would miss school the following Monday.
Cleveland is probably the outter limit in that we can drive there. We also figure the tix price would be cheaper than say NE. Neither of us wants to go to buffalo....

So anyone have experience with Cleveland?

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I heard Cleveland ROCKS!

Sorry someone had to post it.
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Buffalo rocks!

Cleveland is Ok...the R&R Hall of Fame is a must even if you don't like music. The downtown is coming back a little but it's still kinda eh. Would recommend checking out an Indians game if they are in town, Progressive Field is a nice place to see a game.

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(04-21-2017, 08:28 AM)jetsfansince68 Wrote:  I heard Cleveland ROCKS!

Sorry someone had to post it.

Where's the losing game show sound when I need it  LOL
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I wouldn't go to Cleveland unless I took a bodyguard
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