Another season of Pirates baseball
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Pirates off to a good start to the season

They gave a game away last night to the nationals.  The bullpen blew the game giving up a pair of homeruns in the 8th inning.   Archer was masterful giving up 1 run and striking out 9 over 7 innings.   

There is hope on the horizon for the Pirates.. Marte will be back in the outfield in the next ten days.  He is no superstar but he is an above average player.  Melky Cabrera is playing really well and will be a nice 4th outfielder and bat off the bench for the  team moving forward. 

Bell seems to have stepped his game up a notch at the plate... Frazier is really solid offensively at second base... Kang is back from Korea and he can hit ( And play all of the infield positions. )  

The Pirates have a lights out closer... It will be interesting to see how the bullpen holds up.
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Raise the Jolly Roger...

Pirates are 8-6...
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Pirates win a pair of close extra inning games... 10-6

Raise the Jolly Roger.

The starting pitching for the Pirates has been incredible.

Archer Williams Taillon and Musgrove.... A very fine rotation... Taillon is supposed to to be the veteran ace of the group of the 4 he is pitching the worst.

Polanco will be back in about a week...Interested to see if his bat makes a difference.
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Another outstanding effort from the starting rotation.

Jordan Lyles is a different pitcher and the Pirates were very keen to pick up on that a year ago when they brought him into the fold.

I may write a little more on this and I have a great article to link denoting the difference in the types of pitches he throws and the frequency in which he throws them now.

He has transformed from an effective reliever to someone who has front of the rotation effectiveness.

More on that later.

The Pirates win... Time to raise the Jolly Roger. 11 and 6 which is the third-best record in baseball.

Raise it.
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More on Lyles.
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Pirates win again

Raise the Jolly Roger.

A rain delay... Only 6 innings... The Pirates need to take it.

They had two starters go on the DL Friday night Polanco is still on the shelf... The Pirates are more than a little banged up at this point.
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Pirates have won three in a row against the Cardinals...

All of these divisional games matter... Crucial to be exact.

Would be nice to complete the sweep later today

For the meantime...

Raise the Jolly Roger.
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Pirates are the butt Pirates, always will their unis
I contain unprepared crude & raw humor

Amat Victoria Praeparatio
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Best ballpark in the bigs. Well run team...

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